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We Alfa Electronic Components, established in 1993, providing market most comprehensive and widest range of LEDs and LED Products around India. The world gyrates every moment. So does our needs, requirements and applications. Instead of limiting ourselves just as a `distributor or `shopkeeper, we stretch our strength an inch extra in all directions! Our technical know-how helps us to have updated information of the international market. Our awareness about various emerging industrial applications has made us gain a strong foothold in almost every segment of the LED field. We have been serving all types of electronic industry across every corner of India with LED Products. Providing invaluable suggestions to customers on selecting right type of LED & LED display for a particular application is not just a customary it's tradition!.

CEO Mr. Ashish Mehta depicts We offer prompt technical support, comprehensive data sheets and help customers choose the right product for their applications. We expand our Vision, garnish it with Innovation, offering much sought Solution, with the just needed Value Addition. All on a platter! Value Addition plays pivotal role and is driving the business today creating the distinctness within competition

Air, water, light three of the most fundamental necessities of living things. Mother nature has been generous to boon us with all these in full abundance. However, curiosity is a man's eternal trait that has led to phenomenal, ceaseless progress of the entire race. One such path-breaking achievement is finding, producing, distributing and supporting the source of light. Light Emitting Diode LED has revolutionized entire globe with one of the most fascinating spectrum as source of light.

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“Integrity, respect for and belief in our people, superior quality and customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and responsible corporate citizenship are the core values that drives us.”

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